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Uplifting and unusual music, dance and games sessions every week act as an escape out of the seriousness of everyday London life. Old school playground games are the Fun Fed’s trademark sessions. But stopping at Games would be boring right? So whether it’s Djembe Drumming, BellyBolly or perhaps Soul Singing, you’ll be sure to find some pretty inventive ways to be entertained and uplifted with us.

Tuesday 18th June 2024

Escape Games Workshop by PlayCulture

PlayCulture create exciting, social and sneaky games designed specifically for adults! Their latest touring workshop ‘Escape’ brings some of their most innovative, funny and captivating games to brand new audiences – Laugh, make new friends and challenge your mind and body as you escape the world together!

Ecstatic Dance

Tuesday 25th June 2024

Silent Disco Ecstatic Dance Workshop With Iona McNeil

Expect a rich mix of playful activites to warm your hearts and connect your souls. We’ll be holding some playful games followed by an Ecstatic Dance to uplift and unite.  We infuse playfulness into the experience, whether it is through new ways to move or exploring curious things in the space.

Wednesday 3rd July 2024

Playful Wildlings at Hampstead Heath

Come gather in the trees for an evening of wild crafting, playful activities and soil to soul connection. All this lovely stuff is happening in a very lovely place thanks to Mark from Hampstead Heath Learning Team, thanks Mark.  We have very special VPP (very playful person) access to a hut if the rain doth fall and a beautiful secret garden with a firepit if the sun doth shine! Up our sneaky green sleaves we have an abundance of ideas for this nourishing night at the Heath whatever the weather.

Thursday 11th July 2024

Creative Chaos at Yonder E17 With Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa

Creative Chaos is a mix of creativity, with silly games to get us to really think about what art is. It isn’t all Picasso and hyper realistic portraits, it can be drawing someone using your toes or sticking tape to each other as we play tag. As we get older we lose the creativity we had as a child where we would draw our own portraits with our arms and legs sticking out from our head or the ability to get messy or experimental. 


Tuesday 3rd September 2024

Dodgeball Ceilidh With Kevin Campbell Davidson

Welcoming you back to a shiny new season with a night of joy inducing Ceilidh dancing and playful dodgeball games. Expect a mixture of uplifting Ceilidh dancing, energetic classic dodgeball games and a wacky mixture of them both. 

Happy Mistakes

Tuesday 10th September 2024

Making Happy Mistakes with Vicki Jackson

Our brains have a natural negativity bias. It’s designed to keep us safe rather than happy so when mistakes happen we can get stuck focusing on the bad parts of them. This workshop explores how we can celebrate mistakes and think positively around them.

Tuesday 17th September 2024

Equinox Flow Dance Meditation with Cher Brighton

In this workshop, Cher will guide you through Flow Dance Meditation a Somatic practice designed to regulate your nervous system.

By simply moving like you and dancing to your own beat you will reach the depths of your being, release energetic blockages, and tap into the inherent wisdom of your body.

We’ll be utilising healing house, with this unique rave ritual – never has healing been more fun!

Tuesday 24th September 2024

Autumn Equinox Joyful Singing Circle

Autumn Equinox Joyful Singing Circle is an uplifting workshop experience, where participants can drop into the present moment and come together around this special time of year, with the use of group singing, voice activation and co-created music. We will connect to our inner children through fun warm-ups and improvising and experimenting with vocal sounds. We will learn some songs and rounds and finish with a special soundscape ritual, specifically for the Autumn Equinox. This will use the power of communal voicing, singing and playing percussive instruments, to work with the energy of the Equinox, just like our ancestors would have done, many years ago. 

Tuesday 1st October 2024

Body Music Playground with Phoebe Martha

Come and be led through a melange of musical games from Brazil, through to Hawaii and back to London. We will use body percussion, vocal percussion and voice to create music and move together.

Tuesday 8th October 2024

Improv Games with Mick Barnfather

Improv Games workshop is the perfect playful antidote. Be ready for a bucket load of fun. Our Games Maestro Mick Barnfather will be turning his hand to improv in this fun packed evening. A fusion of games, improv and a little bit of performance , he has something up his sneaky sleeve for everyone. Expect an extravaganza of silliness inspired by Mick’s extensive experience in clowning and theatre.

Tuesday 15th October 2024

King Of More: Doletta’s Dusting Day

Come and meet the fabulous Doletta the Cleaning Lady! As one of King of More’s creations, she will take you on a hilarious ‘Autumn Clean’ journey. Through music, dance and games Doletta will help you get rid of things no longer serve you and bring joy, cleanse auras, pores, thoughts, and the multiverse. Get yourself to appreciate all the fruits of your labour and adventures you had over the summer as well celebrate the peak of autumn harvest cleansing party. It is time to dust off your joints and clean your outlook. No cleaning utensils needed.

Tuesday 22nd October 2024

Find Your Funny With Marny Godden

Come and explore what makes you funny in this workshop hosted by Marny Godden.

This workshop isn’t about putting on face paint, big floppy shoes and joining the circus. Neither is it about crafting witty punchlines and clever ideas. This is about exploring what it is that makes you uniquely funny, from the inside out.

Tuesday 5th November 2024

Monster Mash! Silent Disco Games Workshop

For this Halloween special you’ll be led through a Silent Disco audio adventure with a playful twist. Get ready to bust some spooky moves and play some ghastly games in this workshop where every being is welcome! Hosted by ghastly games mistress Iona McNeil, you’re bound…

Tuesday 19th November 2024

Creative Chaos – Crimbo style

Creative Chaos is a mix of creativity, with silly activities to get us to really think about what art is. It isn’t all Picasso and hyper realistic portraits, it can be drawing someone using your toes or sticking tape to each other as we play…

Grace Burlesque

Tuesday 19th November 2024

Dance, Movement and Creative Expression with Grace Church

Grace invites you to a workshop of dance, movement & creative expression. You will explore movement exercises, group dance activities and creative stimuli to help get into the body, connect with each other and your own creativity. Release, explore and rejoice through movement! Movement is a tool for expression, creativity and pleasure. Grace offers people the chance to move in different ways, get a bit sweaty and connect to their playfulness.


Thursday 5th December 2024

The Fun Fed Christmas Ceilidh

Come all ye playful to The Fun Fed’s Xmas Party: our annual festive shindig providing more fun stuff than you can shake a stocking at. With a plethora of games to lay your mitts on and take part in, live Ceilidh band and sparkly crafting tables – the night promises to be a real CHRISTMAS CRACKER (awful, sorry).

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