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⚡️Some of the benefits of joining our playful community⚡️:

🤩 Get a natural dopamine boost

🤩 Improve your confidence and creativity

🤩 Energise and feel uplifted the easy way – by having fun!

🤩 Try a different unusual and uplifting activitiy every week.

🤩 Connect with others who share a love of all things playful

🤩 Connect with your inner big kid in a welcoming and inclusive space

🤩 Entry to 9 Tuesday night events during our April-June 2024 season

🤩 Save 💰🤸‍♀️✌️💖

Let’s face it in the humdrum of modern living we all need a little cushion of flexibility. You’ll be glad to know that The Fun Fed have your back! The Flexipass covers admission to 9 Tuesday evening workshops during our April -June 2024 season at The Winch, Belsize Park and online. Excludes our Beltaine Sauna and Storytelling Ritual at Hackney Sauna.

It’s a back pocket freedom pass to foolishness when you’re just aching for that weekly urban escapism. Each session offers a unique experience in the realm of singing, dancing and play. Excludes our short courses & pop-up events but includes a unparalleled feeling of joy & the smugness of knowing you’ve bagged a bargain. Workshops must be booked in advance. Some workshops have very limited capacity.

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