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What to expect & FAQ

Are you always working never playing? Feel like you need a fun fix? Give it a try!

  • No pressure to get it right
  • No competition
  • No weekly commitment
  • No need to read music

How active will it be?

The Fun Fed workshops involve different levels of physical activity:

Hot and sweaty
 Move around mildly
Take it easy

Who is it for?

Anyone and everyone. The Fun Fed is a growing community of folks that recognize the importance of being un-serious.

  • Ruby (27, copywriter): Ruby comes with her mates so they can all have a regular night out together
  • Tom (35, IT consultant): Tom is an Fun Fed regular who likes throwing shapes & getting some fun exercise at our dance sessions.
  • Sarah (22, massage therapist): Sarah’s insatiably curious and comes so she can try something different thing every week.
  • Roger (55, lawyer): Roger simply loves escaping his daily suit-and-tie-seriousness.

To avoid confusion or door entry fuss, please note our events are all 18+.

What kind of games?

Grandmother’s footsteps, stuck in the mud, tag – remember these playground classics? The Fun Fed says you’re never too old to enjoy some old school fun.

Games inspiration comes from the world of drama and improvisation to laughter yoga and storytelling. Expect old favourites, reinvented classics, running around, getting it wrong and having a laugh.

What kind of music?

All our music sessions are taught by by swell teachers who love what they do and won’t ever put you on the spot. Whether you’re tone deaf or a tremendous tenor everyone’s welcome at The Fun Fed.

From world music, to soul singing to learning the harmonica, all our sessions focus on making beautifully messy music.

What kind of dancing?

Whether you’ve got two left feet or are Micheal Flatley – all you need for dancing sessions at the Fun Fed is a willingness to give it a go.

It’s not about getting the steps exactly right, or looking like a pro. In fact we think getting stuff wrong can be good. It’s all about simply having fun.


“If you could capture in a bottle what we experienced today, the world would be a better place”
- Lewis, composer
Wonderful night, what an antidote to the bussle of the city!
- Katie Lowe
“Brilliant fun!”
- Joanneke Hopkins-van de Woestijne
“It was fun to do something out of the ordinary with strangers, who don’t feel like strangers anymore”
- Tim, Entrepeneur
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