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Wild Play Lab Imaginative Games Workshop

Roar! Awaken your inner child, get ‘out of our head’ and dive into the wisdom of your body.

Taking inspiration from children and animals, we’ll galvanise the primal beast within. The one that crawls, climbs, and is innately curious about the world. Rediscover those lost and forgotten parts and welcome them back home.

You’ll be guided by magical pixie of play Dani Tonks through movement, play, theatre and improvisation. Dani is an actor, facilitator and movement director who specialises in learning through play.

Expect an energetic, imaginative collection of activities in this wild play workshop where everyone is welcome.


Ts & Cs apply.

We’ll be using Zoom to host this online event.

Over 18s only.



Monday 6th July 2020



Physical activity

Move around mildly




£5 plus booking fees Free with a Flexipass

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