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Vocal Improvisation With Michaela

Feel the thrill and artistic possibility of your very own voice in this Vocal Improvisation workshop. Your vocal chords will be invited to chop and change, unite and rearrange!

What is vocal improvisation?

Vocal improvisation is about creating something new, without any preparation or planning. Improvising offers a creative, nonverbal means of expressing feelings. Vocal improv exercises give you a structure that will support you right from the beginning. This creative and nourishing will help you to find your sound without any pressure. In one way, our whole lives are one long extended improvisation, in the sense that we are always making it up as we go along. The more we master our voice, the more freely we use it and the more we understand ourselves.

The workshop will be led Michaela who is a singing/voice/yoga coach. In addition to running her private studio practice, she leads two vocal projects in London.  She earned a Master’s degree with distinction in Voice Pedagogy/Research at the University of Wales/Voice Study Centre. One of her research studies was published by Routledge in the peer-reviewed journal Voice and Speech Review. She is an Associate Teacher of Fitzmaurice Voicework® and a qualified yoga teacher of RYT® 500.

Vocal Improvisation is valuable whether you are a professional singer yearning to deepen your creative intuition or you are complete beginner who is longing to bring out the inner singer that lives inside you.

“Great journey through space, ambience, connections and sounds. Travelling into the unknown with rewarding safe landing.” – Angela



Thursday 1st January 1970

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