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Spring Equinox Sauna Ritual With Saorla Wright

Musician, magical medicine person and bath master Saorla Wright will lead us on a playful journey to celebrate the Spring Equinox. We invite you to a deep restorative sauna bathing experience in a container that welcomes all parts of you to transition into this new phase of the year.

Using sound and ritualised sauna bathing Saorla will lead us through a series of cleansing, grounding and connecting rituals to connect us to the energies of rebirth, renewal and balance that the Spring Equinox bring. This workshop is a powerful and playful way to honour and connect with the balance between light and dark. The restorative powers of sauna combined with ritual and sound create a magic mix that will have you soaring into spring with a skip in your step and a smile in your heart.

About Saorla

Saorla is a powerful witch with a huge capacity for compassionate. Weaved into their work is a potent mix of old medicine practices effortlessly and humbly delivered from the heart.


Physical activity

Move around mildly
(Wear something comfy)

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