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A bucketload of boredom-busting games. Be prepared for a blissfully silly evening of old school games designed to release your inner big kid, from high-energy Stuck In The Mud to Grandmother’s Footsteps (the naughty version!), Games Maestro Jud Relf has something for everyone up his sneaky sleeve.  Jud has been running play sessions for adults and children for several years.  With extensive training in theatre and clowning,  Jud has a passion for inspiring people to have more fun.  His workshops encompass a variety of experiences: from tender sensitivity to rambunctious knockabout; from concentration games that build focus and presence to silly playground runarounds – whatever the flavour the emphasis is always on silliness and fun.

You may well excavate your buried inner child – or you may just have a good laugh. Rest assured that with Jud’s workshops you will always leave feeling more open and connected, and energised for whatever’s next for you.



Tuesday 24th October 2017


7.15-9pm (Doors at 7pm)

Physical activity

Move around mildly


Wac Arts 213 Haverstock Hill NW3 4QP, London


Free with a flexipass Tickets range from £5 - £10 £15 on the door

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