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Play For Life Drawing

Led by Antidote residents’ Loose Baker and Sophie Park, this cutting-edge crafty workshop gives you the opportunity to both sketch behind the easel and bare your soul in front of. There may not be nudity in the traditional “life drawing” spirit but be prepared to shed a sense of self awareness. Each bespoke game meets drawing exercise will explore how taking off our “cool” and getting silly or even being more emotionally exposed effects how our image is drawn or how we draw.

With your body poised to pose and charcoal at the ready, you’ll refine your sketching skills while getting a fitness fix in one of many playful games!




Wednesday 13th June 2018


7.15-9pm (Doors at 7pm)

Physical activity

Take it easy


WAC Arts Hampstead Town Hall Centre, 213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP


£8-£15 Free with a Flexipass

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