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Happy Mistakes

Making Happy Mistakes with Viki Jackson

Our brains have a natural negativity bias. It’s designed to keep us safe rather than happy so when mistakes happen we can get stuck focusing on the bad parts of them. This workshop explores how we can celebrate mistakes and think positively around them.

We’ll be taking inspiration from drama and improvisation exercises and tools to work together as a group and in pairs for this super fun session. This isn’t a comedy or acting class, we’re simply using some of their exercises and ways of adapting our thinking. No experience in acting or comedy is needed.

This class is for you if:

  • Making small mistakes impacts your mood more than you think it should
  • You want to work on positive thinking
  • You fancy trying something new one evening and meeting new people!
About Vicki:

Viki Jackson is a clown, character and improv comedian. She’s been performing and training in comedy since 2016 and has trained with Hoopla, Free Association, Dec Munro, Viggo Venn and The Maydays. She’s performed and hosted over 100 shows in improv, clown and stand up comedy.

Viki’s also a trained happiness facilitator with the Museum of Happiness so you can bet that her workshops have a super upbeat and positive energy, leaving you feeling good as you skip out into the world!



Tuesday 10th September 2024



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