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Legend Of Selkie: Embodied Myth through Fire, Heat and Laughter

Returning To The Wild: Legend Of Selkie

Sauna storyteller, Polly Joy Wilson and artist and Laughter Yoga facilitator Barry Sykes will be leading an ‘Embodied Myth through Fire, Heat and Laughter’ sauna session for The Fun Fed Playful Events org this October.

We welcome you to an immersive journey where myth, magic and laughter are infused into a restorative sauna experience.  The evening experience takes inspiration from two wonderful workshops held at The Community Sauna Baths and The Fun Fed. Myth Monday Women’s group held by Polly and ‘An Introduction to Laughguss’ held by Barry.

What to expect:

Participants will travel to oceans and meet people that live inside the ancient Scottish myth, Selkie. Polly will orally tell this old folklore tale as she includes movement, sound and sauna rituals into this rich and relaxing experience. Barry will gently elevate the ambience and awaken the senses with his collection of brilliantly inspired laughter yoga techniques.  Prepare to leave this evening feeling spiritually nourished, creative and connected. This is a truly wild and wacky way to relax in the sauna together!

What is Laughter Yoga?

Laughter Yoga is the series of breathing and movement exercises that takes only a few minutes to turn gentle fake laughter sounds into deep, cathartic genuine hysterics.

An experiment in authenticity and play, it is based on the premise that the body cannot distinguish between pretend and real laughter, both producing the same physiological response. And the highly contagious nature of other people’s laughter.

‘Laughguss’ was devised by Barry to combine his Laughter Yoga practice with the German ‘Aufguss’ sauna ritual.

About Polly

Polly has a rich and diverse background in theatrical practices.  Her unstoppable creativity and desire to make positive change has led her to founding and being involved in many exciting projects. Polly is the founder of Multidisciplinary Art Collective Eyerod which focuses on immersive rituals, storytelling and world building, she has created a series of Butoh inspired Movement performances that have toured across the Netherlands and she has facilitated art and theatre workshops for humanitarian projects in Sierra Leone and Greece.

After studying at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama she channelled her creative forces into Myth Mondays at The Hackney Sauna Baths. Myth Mondays combines sauna storytelling with sauna bathing, a practice known for dissipating the ego and myth known for awakening the subconscious.

Polly aims to help the U.K sauna bathing community understand sauna bathing as a practice that can be both healing, and creative.

Feedback from Polly’s Myth Monday sessions:

‘Polly is incredible and I am so grateful for her work and putting this together.  I hope it continues forever and more people can  benefit from  it’

‘This was a magical space where we could all be open & vulnerable and free! The attention to detail was super impressive and you could just tell there was a lot of effort and love put into creating the session.’

About Barry

Barry Sykes makes performances and sculptural objects that take existing formats, like lessons, feedback forms, photo shoots, theatrical props or communal rituals, and remodels them to examine the uncertainties of human interaction and edges of acceptable behaviour. Recent events have been presented at The Museum of London; Focal Point Gallery, Southend, UK; Oakwood sun Club, Essex, UK; The University of Bath, UK and as part of Art Night 2019. He is also the founder of the Sauna Reading Group.

Feedback from Barry’s workshops:

Barry’s Laughter Yoga session was a moment of respite during a stressful time; it was entertaining, insightful and joyous.”

“Had a brilliant time with friends trying out the Laughter Yoga! You’ve definitely lightened our lockdown.”

“Energising and hilariously ridiculous “
“Awkwardness just disolved into sweat”



Tuesday 17th October 2023



Physical activity

Move around mildly


Hackney Community Sauna


£20-£25 Please note this event is not included in the Flexipass.

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