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Laughter Yoga With Amy Star

Goddess of giggles Amy Star is bringing Cheeky Tuesday’s Laughter Club to Antidote London for a seriously fun night of playful activities to satisfy the human need for belly laughs and wholesome connection.  

Amy is a cosmic joker who takes play seriously. She has been laughing for some time, she took a gigglequest in 2012 and co-leads Brighton Laughter Club. Inspired by Action Theatre, art therapy, comedy dabbling and the catharsis of chuckling, she is fascinated by the way people connect through play, whether for humorous reasons or purely from unconditional laughter.

Why do you need this? Regular laughter can help us to become more playful and creative in our daily lives and significantly reduces stress. Laughter increases oxygenation in the body, boosts endorphin levels, boosts our immunity and increases our resilience to pain. Laughter Yoga is based on the premise that the body cannot distinguish between pretend and genuine laughter (this draws on NLP), and both produce the same physiological response. And doing laughter exercises with others in a group will usually also produce plenty of heartfelt or genuine laughter – since laughter is so contagious! 

Expect an evening of Laughter Yoga activities, songs, games, deep (Yogic) breathing and a laughter meditation designed to tickle your funny bone good and proper.  We’ll be faking it until we make it with a ridiculous mix of chuckle inducing activities. 

Get ready to release the laughs and bring some much needed joy to January.



Friday 18th November 2022


7.30-9pm (doors at 7pm)

Physical activity

Move around mildly


The Winch, Old Winchester Arms, 21 Winchester Rd, Belsize Park, London NW3 3NR (Closest station Swiss Cottage)


£8-£15 Free with a Flexipass

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