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Interactive Gig with Jo May

Powerful and uplifting interactive gig from the virtuoso duo Against the Grain – guitarist Matt Sullivan and percussionist Jo May will be dazzling the Antidote assemblage with their stunning musical skills and exciting, playful performance.  Stirring the styles of West Africa, South America and Spain, Jo and Matt create an original blend of musical flavours to whet your appetite – from jazz tunes with spoons to original masterpieces on balafon, cajon and flamenco guitar. A unique sound with an infectious groove.
The Antidote audience will very much be joining in the performance at this playful interactive gig.  Matt’s guitar playing is influenced by the flamenco tradition, so they’ll be plenty of hand clapping (palmas), cajon playing, castanet playing, and of course, spoon playing…we’ll be part of the band!



Monday 17th July 2017



Physical activity

Move around mildly


Wac Arts 213 Haverstock Hill London NW3 4QP


Tickets from £5-£7 online Free with a Flexipass £10 on the door Drop us a line if you need a further discount. Antidote will never turn anyone away because of money.

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