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Samhain Cacao Ceremony and Fancy Dress Embodied Dance with Mica Francis-Angel

Join us for an enchanting evening of cacao, dance, rituals and fancy dress, in celebration of Samhain/Halloween, facilitated by Mica Francis-Angel.

Exploring the rich symbolism and meaning of this auspicious time of year when the veil between the worlds is thin, we honor our ancestors and the cycles of life. Through a grounding meditation and intention setting, we will create our sacred container, before indulging in the heart opening elixir of cacao – which helps us to connect with our emotions, and open ourselves to the transformative power of this experience and dive deeper into our dance.

Mica will guide us through ‘Feel Flows’, her embodied and intuitive dance practice – accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack (featuring some halloween classics). This uplifting and freeing practice invites you to drop into your body, release stagnant energy, and harness the healing powers of music and movement. A powerfully expressive outlet that encourages you to let your body become a vessel for self-expression and creative flow, while having a whole lot of fun too! In the spirit of the season, we invite you to dress up in your most imaginative and extravagant Halloween attire. Whether you’re feeling mythical, mystical or monstrous, let your creativity run wild!

Bio: Mica Francis-Angel

From facilitating vibrant retreats, gatherings and circles, Mica specialises in yoga, movement and dance practices, a variety of creative wellbeing workshops, and ceremonies. With a love for blending traditional and modern teachings and tools for deeper connection and an all round experience of mind, body and soul care, she shares these offerings of holistic and realistic wellbeing and spirituality in a down-to-earth and authentic way. Mica is the founder of the ‘Wellbeing Rituals’ community, and she’s driven by a passion to create and support authentic, inclusive and accessible wellbeing spaces that invite openness, creativity and individuality, encouraging all to shine their light more brightly whilst cultivating more joy, love and oneness in the world. With a near decade of international experience in the wellbeing field, Mica’s rituals are inspired by playfulness, nature, connection and empowerment for all.



Tuesday 29th October 2024



Physical activity

Move around mildly


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