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#FOMO Clinic With King Of More

Do you ever experience the feeling of missing out? Should you be somewhere else? The grass is greener on the other side? London cultural scene confuses you with so many great options– where to go, what to choose? Worry not! Dr King of More is here to help – 5% more. Come to our fun immersive event and quasi-workshop where you will learn about the magical concept of #JOLIF through knowledge sharing, comedy, dance, audience participation and individual tips. With #FOMO Clinic you will realise you are always in the right place and your party is where you’re at. Disclaimer: May include Dolly Parton.

After a sold-out show in the VAULT’s Glitch, King of More comes to Funfed with super fun and educational experience. #FOMO Clinic is a piece that explores the concept of fear of missing out through a fun and feel good combination of immersive theatre, workshop, quasi-lecture and participation, while learning how to deal with the fear of missing out(using a running theme of Dolly Parton).

‘#FOMO Clinic is a heart-warming show that will bring you a ridiculous amount of joy’ – **** Broadway World.
‘Quirky, unexpected treasure’ – HELLO Magazine
‘Weird and wonderful’ – No Proscenium.

About the artist:

King of More is a queer immersive performer, actor, dancer and all-around jester, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina, based in London. His focus is people’s growth, love and connection through humour and energy filled immersive performances. King of More’s philosophy is that life is short and each moment could be appreciated and lived at least 5% more. He discovered the talent and gift of making people smile and live/dance their fuller self so he is on a quest of spreading love through his art and expert improvisation work. King of More performs in immersive theatre shows, festivals, movement art pieces, parties, hosts and comperes cabaret nights and adds an explosion of life to your cobwebbed Zoom event. Some highlights of King of More’s work include being selected as one of representatives for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro 2016 for the British House arts programme, performing on the FatboySllim 2019 UK tour and being the lead performer for Elrow in UK. He performed within Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Morning Gloryville, Boomtown, Secret Garden Party, Pete the Monkey Festival, the Provibers, Pinky Promise, Tramshed, Goblin King’s Ball, Third Mind Productions  and more.



Tuesday 23rd April 2024



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