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Equinox Flow Dance Meditation with Cher Brighton

In this workshop, Cher will guide you through Flow Dance Meditation, a Somatic practice designed to regulate your nervous system.

By simply moving like you and dancing to your own beat you will reach the depths of your being, release energetic blockages, and tap into the inherent wisdom of your body.

We’ll be utilising healing house, with this unique rave ritual – never has healing been more fun!

Cher is a Trauma Informed Movement Practitioner, Ceremonial Leader and Yogini devoted to empowering individuals through self-healing tools and fostering deeper connections with themselves and others.

Born in Canada and living in London for the last 20 years @cher_dance_alchemy runs regular sessions, ceremonies and retreats in East London.



Tuesday 17th September 2024



Physical activity

Move around mildly


The Winch



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