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Extra Ordinary Human Animals With Kevin Campbell Davidson

Extra Ordinary Human Animals Join games maestro Kevin Campbell Davidson in a playful celebration of other ways of being! Kevin will present his new card game Extra Ordinary Human Animals, designed to spark imaginative conversation about the outer possibilities of human consciousness. This will be accompanied by a cacophony of sensory exploration games, sprinkled with the magic of Fun Fed community vibes. To be, or to be different, that is the question.

Kevin Davidson is an embodiment teacher specialising in education, child development and human flourishing through movement-play. Following 10 years experience as a movement teacher in Steiner-Waldorf education, Kevin currently delivers teacher training and self-development programmes for Bothmer Movement International, often working internationally through networks of Steiner-Waldorf education. These programmes offer teachers, therapists and parents an experiential study of the role of movement and play in human development. Alongside this Kevin is an associate lecturer at Goldsmiths College where he facilitates embodied and playful modes of learning in higher education, presenting at conferences on these themes. Kevin is currently working in partnership with Bournemouth University on research into Mindful Resilience and gaming. In addition to this Kevin pursues artistic work in embodiment, drawing upon elements of music, dance and spoken word to create interactive workshops and performance art, as well as leading choirs and ceilidh folk dancing. Kevin has delivered work at venues such as Wilderness Festival, Sadlers Wells, Southbank Centre and the Royal College of Arts. In his youth Kevin was a national level finalist in artist gymnastics and became a published music artist in his twenties. He holds a BA in Jurisprudence from Oxford university, an MA in Education from Goldsmiths College and can jump remarkably high from a standing position.



Tuesday 28th May 2024



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