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Creative Chaos at Yonder E17 With Eloisa Henderson-Figueroa

Creative Chaos is a mix of creativity, with silly activities to get us to really think about what art is. It isn’t all Picasso and hyper realistic portraits, it can be drawing someone using your toes or sticking tape to each other as we play tag. As we get older we lose the creativity we had as a child where we would draw our own portraits with our arms and legs sticking out from our head or the ability to get messy or experimental.

Eloisa is an artist whose work is based on her love of fun and colour and taking us back to those childhood feelings. She wants to make the world a more exciting and joyful place through her murals and workshops, all aimed at encouraging us to enjoy our childhood again. Eloisa has worked with clients all around the UK such as Westfield, MINI and Sky Arts bringing her sunny personality and vibrancy.

In this session she will be focusing on bringing the fun through collage, drawing and playful activites. It’s a space where we can enjoy being creative without the constraints of normal life. She will take you through various fun interactive activities designed to get you to lose your inhibitions and preconceptions of what art should be. No experience necessary, just enthusiasm!

This workshop will be held at The Fun Fed HQ – Yonder E17! We love our workplace and we’re excited to share it with you.  After the workshop there’ll be pizza and pints available to purchase in the cafe.



Thursday 11th July 2024



Physical activity

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Yonder, E17

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