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Ecstatic Dance

Choose Love Ecstatic Dance Ritual with Cacao

Platonic V-Day loved up special brought to you by The Fun Fed and Ecstatic Playground held at the beautiful Exmouth market Centre

Expect a rich mix of playful activites to warm your hearts and connect your souls in our Valentines special where everyone is welcome.  We’ll be serving up delicious ceremonial grade cacao to warm your hearts and connect your souls, the wild witchy wonder that is Siobhan Cosgrave will be introducing her magical herbal love potion, we’ll be holding some playful games followed by an Ecstatic Dance to uplift and unite.  We infuse playfulness into the experience, whether it is through new ways to move or exploring curious things in the space.

Iona from Ecstatic Playground is all about experiences that bring joy and connection. Dancing is her everything.  She especially loves to facilitate embodied movement which get everyone on their feet, moving and playing.  She has produced & performed at many online parties for Morning Gloryville, the original sober rave, and has facilitated Shhh Dating events, silent speed dating. She believes that joy is the compass in life, creating activities that people can’t help but participate in, and surrender to the fun!

What is Ecstatic Dance?

It is a dance experience, where we are free from talking, phones, alcohol & substances, shoes and judgement. It is done ceremonially with an opening and closing circle, and there is some gentle guidance into the body to help you drop into the dance journey. Some people describe it as a movement meditation, you naturally can get into altered states of consciousness.

You may reach a state of ecstasy, but that is not the goal. It is to step away from the all the noise and chatter of our minds and connect with our bodies authentically.

What music is played?

Music from across the world from tribal to house, from electro swing to celtic to drum & bass, the aim is to get people dancing, move their bodies in all sorts of ways, and access a range of feelings that music inevitably brings.

Every Ecstatic Dance event you try out will have a different vibe depending on the music, facilitator and organiser. Some may lean towards the shamanic tracks, some are tantric, some have a spiritual slant. This event is all about experimenting with a really wide variety of music, we play with our movements, we mix up our genres and we get creative.

What to bring:

Cup for the Cacao and water bottle

Photos and videos will be take for use on our social media platforms






Thursday 15th February 2024



Physical activity

Hot and sweaty


Exmouth Market Centre


£11-£22 Free with a Flexipass

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