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Bollywood With a Bhangra Twist (online)

Heat things up learning a dance fusion of Bollywood with a Bhangra twist (folk dance from Punjab). Hosted by the magnificent Aanchal Gupta, this workshop promises to get your blood pumping and head bopping to a juicy soundtrack of joyful Bollywood beats. We will learn the classic Indian hand gestures and facial expressions which define the Indian dancing. The class is open level with lots of fun experience. Get a feel of Indian culture through its dance and music. Aanchal is originally from Mumbai, the land of Bollywood! She started dancing at the young age of 7 and since moving to the UK has set up her own dance company and team called ‘Bollyred’ whose sole purpose is to spread the Bollywood love and knowledge.

Bollywood is all about entertainment and Aanchal brings it in every workshop.



Thursday 23rd April 2020



Physical activity

Hot and sweaty





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