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Antidote + Tom Morley’s Ubuntu Crew. A Music Night to remember!

Antidote and Tom Morley’s UBUNTU CREW are teaming up to run this special event. Everyone is welcome, even if you’ve never been to an Antidote workshop or worked with Tom before. All you need is a desire to make the world a greener place, a love of performing to camera, and a soul that likes music.

The quality of the performance and 100% engagement was so impressive when Antidote and the UBUNTU CREW recorded the ‘One Day One Choir’ song a few weeks ago that we want to build on that energy.

The ‘One Day One Choir’ song was all about promoting ONE day – Peace Day, the 21st of September.
See the song here >

We want to make a similarly spirited video that promotes GREEN living 365 days per year. Not as an advertisement for the Green Party, but a song to promote Eco-Thinking and Eco-Action.

Tom Morley has written such a song and, as it begins with a ukulele part, he has teamed up with Paul Matania (star of the One Day One Choir flashmob in Trafalgar Square) to make a movie of the Antidote guests singing it.

See the song here >

The images themselves are engaging but without a ‘band’ it lacks focus. WE will become that band, joining the many musicians who have performed as part of Tom’s community band The UBUNTU CREW over the past few years.

Ubuntu is an African Bantu language word meaning, “I am because we are”. It is also a philosophy of sharing that you’ll find all over Africa, sometimes under a different name.

As we only have 90 minutes we will not re-record the song you hear and see here. We’ll be singing along to it, playing along to it, and our ukuleles, drums and voices will be mixed into what’s there already.

What we need MOST is a joyous video. People having a genuinely good time. We need the Green movement to look attractive, sexy and ALIVE! We want to look like a tribe worth listening to and dancing with. The song will be promoted across all social media platforms.

We ARE that tribe already. This is a chance to go public with the connections we have built over the months and years that Antidote has been running. That connection cannot be faked and everyone is crying out for authenticity these days.

IF, in your heart, you feel this song represents some of your hopes for your personal future and the future of our world do join us on October the 17th. We need your voices, your rhythms, your moves and above all your illuminated smiles.

Dress code: Smart. Why? So people take us seriously.



Wednesday 11th October 2017



Physical activity

Take it easy


W A C Performing Arts & Media College 213 Haverstock Hill London NW3 4QP


£5 inclusive of fees

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