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Autumn Equinox Joyful Singing Circle

Autumn Equinox Joyful Singing Circle is an uplifting workshop experience, where participants can drop into the present moment and come together around this special time of year, with the use of group singing, voice activation and co-created music. We will connect to our inner children through fun warm-ups and improvising and experimenting with vocal sounds. We will learn some songs and rounds and finish with a special soundscape ritual, specifically for the Autumn Equinox. This will use the power of communal voicing, singing and playing percussive instruments, to work with the energy of the Equinox, just like our ancestors would have done, many years ago. Who knows, the “Joyful Singing Circle” may even plant a seed for future musical outlets!

Sasha Jacques is a sound healer, singer, workshop facilitator, event producer and company owner, who has recently shared her musical offerings on the BBC. She has worked as a professional performer and facilitator for over twenty years, working in musical theatre, plays, television and film and teaching singing, drama and wellbeing classes. Over the last 5 years, Sasha greatly deepened her knowledge of psychology, meditation, yoga and various other wellbeing practices and, simultaneously, founded Starseed Offerings @sashastarseedofferings (Sound Healing), Forgotten Fun (Creative Retreats) and Immersive Musicals @immersive musicals (Theatre Productions).

Sasha is absolutely delighted to have been given the opportunity to share one of her offerings with the Fun Fed community, for a very special Autumn Equinox evening. With similar values and goals herself, Sasha feels very passionately about the impact that Fun Fed achieves, through their important work in the community, and can’t wait to facilitate this September.



Tuesday 24th September 2024



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